Your Weekend Wellbeing


Try out your own watercolor typography or buy an awesome print from etsy.

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Dwell in Spring fever by getting out and searching for all the new blossoms on the trees.

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If you haven’t tried almond milk lattes I suggest you hunt down the nearest cafe that serves them this weekend and get yourself one! Best Hamilton almond milk latte is at Jack’s in Hillcrest.

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Wanderlust Inspiration

As you may know I’ve just returned to kiwi land from a big European adventure. On my travels one of my favourite things to do was take and edit pictures. We had a gallery wall in our hallway at home and I had visions of adding all the amazing sights from our trip. Now we are home again (woop woop!) and I can finally begin looking through our pictures and selecting the coolest ones. Hard much?! In the meantime I’ve created these inspirational quote pictures to share…

travel quotes

Random in Brussels, Belgium

travel quotes1

Boutique shopping in Brussels

travel quotes2

Amsterdam cafe

Upbeat Downstream

Issue6 Cover Web

Looking for an inspiring new online magazine? look no further than here! Upbeat Downstream is a gorgeous publication put together by the lovely Kylie. She manages to source inspiring stories from ‘real’ people and shines the light on the ever growing collection of awesome creatives in this world.

I was lucky enough to have an article published by Kylie in her latest edition about expression. So exciting!!

Find it here…

How to practice the basics of Mindfulness


I speak a lot about mindfulness on my blog because it is a treasured practice that has transformed my life in a very subtle and gentle way. I have recently been asked how you practice mindfulness and what it is, so I jumped at the chance to share what mindfulness is and how it has changed me and the way I relate to life. I know that through teaching someone else I automatically strengthen my own knowledge and passion and I always end up refilled as a result. So, here’s what I know to be the basics of mindfulness practice. Continue reading How to practice the basics of Mindfulness

Daily bliss | Day one


This morning started out with tea and a chapter from my new favourite book!

Welcome to day one of our #dailybliss journey.

I am am so happy you are here, along for the ride.

To be truthful I actually had about several blissful moments today! I think I was just so excited about starting this month long practice!!! Check out my Instagram for all the bliss pics.

I would loooove to here about how your #dailybliss journey has started. If it hasn’t yet, don’t worry now is the perfect time.

Love Sarah

My big, juicy, BLISSFUL idea…


Hello beautiful!

How are you???

I hope you are well.

I’ve got a surprise for you! Lately I have been in busy, creative, juicy idea mode (there must be something in this European water?!)

And I have come up with THE BEST way to bring more srummy moments of bliss into your life.

Wanna know what my big, bright, beautiful idea is?

The wait is over


 Daily Bliss 

 a simple but very powerful practice which will definitely bring more delightful, gorgeous and inspirational moments into your life, Here’s how…


For the entire month of June I challenge you to maintain a daily bliss practice.

Here’s how it works

Do something special everyday, just for you, as a way to treasure yourself more. You can show yourself greater kindness, love and compassion by giving yourself permission to experience joy, abundance and beauty on a daily basis.

Make it spectacular, spontaneous or simple. Just make it yours.

So, why should you take part?

Well as women, we tend to put our own needs last by focusing firstly on taking care of everyone else in our family circle. What many authors, teachers and wellbeing leaders are now saying is that this method of care is limited. That in order to give our special people the love, time and focus they deserve we must give it to ourselves first.

When we do this we find strength in our inner stillness and are better able to share more of the love in our hearts with the special people in our lives.


So often we feel guilty about doing something special just for us.

We make excuses like, “it’s too much trouble”, “it’s sooo self indulgent”. We say “no thank you, I’m fine” when something is offered to us. We pride ourselves on being selfless.

But by accepting more of the good in your life, you are not being selfish, you are being self-full. You are saying yes to the universe. You are saying “I am worthy of this special moment, this great gift, this moment of ‘me’ time”. By creating this as a daily practice for the month you are allowing yourself to accept more of the good stuff life has to offer you.

Are you ready?

June 1st is when we begin. If you need some inspiration I’ll be posting my daily bliss pics on my facebook page here

I would love, love love for you to join me on this journey into more happiness, self-love and bliss.

And I would love even more if you want to share your pics with me.

Just use the #dailybliss


Lets do this!!!